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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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Top five songs to add to your fall playlist

Megan Rogers

It’s fall! The leaves are changing, the mornings are becoming crisper and the cozy vibes are stronger than ever. It’s time to put on your headphones and walk down the streets, pretending you are in a movie. Here are my top five songs that scream fall. 

  1. ‘Oh Oklahoma’ by Jack Stauber

This song gives you all those spooky feelings. It is perfect for trick-or-treating on a foggy Halloween night,  walking through a neighborhood looking at all of the Halloween decor, or participating in the TikTok ghost trend. 

  1. ‘The Mountain Song’ by Tophouse

“The Mountain Song” is meant for all of you outdoor folk. If you haven’t heard this song, imagine this: it is a fall day, the sun is shining and you are hiking through the forest with the fall-colored trees all around you. 

Or if you are like me and despise hiking and want to feel outdoorsy, this song could help with that too.

  1. ‘Stick Season’ by Noah Kahan

While one could argue most of Noah Kahan’s songs are fall coded, this one is my favorite. In an interview with Genius, Kahan said the meaning of “Stick Season” describes “this really miserable time of year when it’s just kind of gray and cold, and there’s no snow yet and the beauty of the foliage is done.” 

Kahan has a way of making sad things upbeat so if it is the end of fall and you are missing the pretty colors and non-rainy weather, listen to this song to make yourself feel better.

  1. ‘First Light’ by Hozier 

The perfect song for a fall evening when you are watching the sunset. The lyrics in this song describe what it looks as golden hour hits “The sky set to burst. The gold and the rust. The colour erupts.” 

  1. ‘Sedona’ by Houndmouth

“Sedona” is the perfect fall road trip song. While it gives no actual mention of fall, it still gives me the vibe of driving under fall-colored trees and it is actually one of my favorite driving songs. 


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