By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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What I adore about the weather of fall


Fall is such a beautiful time, it best represents what I think of as the perfect season. It’s the slow transition from a scorching summer to a cooler, more comfortable winter. I love the colors it brings out in nature and the atmosphere it brings to public spaces. I find it fascinating to see the variety of amazing colors fall brings.


The weather that comes with fall is something that cannot compare to any other part of it. The holidays, the flavors and the colors can’t compare to the complexities of the weather. It can be so diverse, yet so consistent at the same time. Whether it’s blindingly hot, a calming overcast or a massive downpour I’m almost always content with whatever it may be.




There’s just something about a nice sunny day that just puts me in a good mood, especially when you’re going out and about for the day. 


Even just walking to class while the sun’s rays are shining on me is an almost enlightening experience. The only time it doesn’t is if it’s shining directly into my eyes. That I cannot stand, especially if I’m driving or a passenger, it simply annoys me. 


An unfortunate side effect of the sun is the heat that it can cause. I hate summer for that reason almost entirely. It’s unbearable. Especially if it’s dry or stuffy, like the inside of a car that’s had its heater running.


 If I can avoid overheating, I love the sun. It’s almost like it’s giving me energy to get things done. It can boost my mood on an otherwise average day.




My personal favorite type of weather, when there are clouds in the sky but little to no rain. It’s calming and sets the temperature to an almost perfect amount.


Seeing clouds in the sky but no rain is just so calming, it just melts away any stress like butter. I love how the gray tone in the sky can bring out the other, brighter colors around me.


The only grievance I have, and it’s a minor one, is on days where I’m doing something exciting or high energy. It can be kind of disheartening to be playing football or volleyball and the sky is gray. I can overlook that disappointing feeling since waking up late on a weekend, nothing to do and the sky is gray is such a relaxing experience to me. 




When we talk about rain, there are so many different varieties to talk about. There’s sprinkling, misting, pouring, dumping and so many others. I’m just going to talk about classic, everyday rain; the kind that you don’t go out into if you have the chance.


Rain is the best excuse to not go out and do anything. It’s also when I find myself inthe most productive mood, the pitter patter of raindrops hitting the ground  makes me work more efficiently for some reason.


Washington is a rainy state so it’s something I’m used to, but nevertheless, rain is something I can still enjoy. 


On rainy days during spring break when I was in 5th grade, I would always hang out with my best friend, who lived right next to me. That gave me some of my best childhood memories. Walking home from elementary school while it’s raining, in anticipation of playing whatever game we were going to play, it gives me a great wave of nostalgia.


Overall, I love the rain. Even though it can sometimes ruin a day’s plans, I enjoy the relaxation that a nice rainy day can bring.

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