Clarification: ASCWU responds to concerns regarding role of police on campus

Morgana Carroll, News Editor

The Observer posted an article on May 10 titled “Transgender students face uncertainty over whether preferred names will be allowed for commencement.” There were some inaccuracies that need to be addressed for clarity, and have been changed in the online version. Director of Executive Events Lauren Zeutenhorst’s name was consistently misspelled. We had incorrectly claimed that Zeutenhorst had agreed that there was no place to put your preferred name into the commencement form, when she had mentioned that students could utilize the pronunciation box for their preferred name. Quotes from Zeutenhorst have been added to properly address her position on the matter, and a few misleading quotes that made it seem as though the university had purposely neglected the issue until now was removed. We intend to pay closer attention to these details going forward. 

The Observer posted an article on May 10 titled “ASCWU responds to concerns regarding role of police on campus.” There were inaccuracies in the original article that have been changed for the online version. A quote from Brady Smith about the difference between experiences with police officers as a student and as an elected official was wrongly attributed to Luis Reyes. ASCWU was incorrectly called state representatives when they are student representatives. Smith said meeting have to be scheduled weeks in advance, which was incorrectly quoted as taking months in advance. We claimed that BSU was not allowed to speak at a meeting when it was JSA that was not originally able to talk at the meeting. Additionally the original article titled “Coalition of student representatives asks for less police presence on campus” published on ____ stated that AUAP had signed the letter, when it was AUAP Friends that had signed the letter. The Observer strives for accuracy, integrity and transparency, and will strive to do better in the future. 

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