Ellensburg farmers market welcomes new opportunities to new businesses

Quincy Taylor, Staff Reporter

The Ellensburg Farmers Market is rich in tradition and known for its farm-fresh local produce, baked goods and hand-crafted products. Every Saturday, hundreds of people from Kittitas County gather at the farmers market to shop at local businesses and non-profit organizations.

Attendees can expect to see the best of Ellensburg at the farmers market including vendors, antiques crafters and food processors. 

Charmaine Mosiman, the Vice President of the Ellensburg Farmers Market board, spoke about how much of an impact the market has on Ellensburg and the support that the market receives from people gathering together.

“I definitely feel like the market impacts the community because it does bring a lot of community and just getting people together…that impacts in a way that it gathers people together like friends, families, and organizations supporting local, which is the most important thing,” Mosiman said.

According to Mosiman, the market is all about growth and finding ways to build on what happened in previous years. Mosiman said  there are changes, like involving more resources and more organizations to the market this year.

“We’re trying to get more nonprofits, more resources to be involved with the market…we’re doing recipes, where we are looking at what kind of produce and needs that local vendors bring in seasonally, and kind of creating [food] recipes for the public,” said Mosiman. “Because the market [is] for everyone. It’s not just for Gen Z and it’s not for the late boomers, it’s for everybody, so we need to make these changes and continuously evolve because the next generation in shopping.”

Mosiman stated that as well as working on the Ellensburg Farmers Market board, she also sets up her own business, Lemon Thyme Macarons, at the market. According to Mosiman, having her own booth is “amazing” and she said she wouldn’t be where she is without the market because it really helps businesses that are small and unknown. 

“Without the market, I don’t think my business would succeed, and I wouldn’t be able to practice how to do business, especially starting off so small,” Mosiman said. “I think if you ask any vendors, they will probably feel blessed and happy that there is a market, just because it’s a great market and it’s filled with a lot of positive vibes.”