Keia Mae the CWU Superstar Rugby Queen


Sagapolu beating the defense. Photo by Jacob Thompson / Thompson Sports Media

Tre'Jon Henderson, Staff Reporter

Communication major Keia Mae Sagapolu is a four-year letterman who has built quite the resume for the Wildcats. On May 9, Sagapolu was awarded the MA Sorensen award, and was recently selected in March to the USA Rugby Women’s Eagles National Team travel roster.

“I’m honored and excited to have this opportunity,” Sagapolu said. “It has been a dream of mine to play at the professional level since I was a kid, and all I can do is thank my teammates for putting me here.”

Sagapolu is only one of the three current collegiate rugby athletes to make the Eagles National team. She will join two ladies from Dartmouth as the only collegiate athletes to compete.

“Mae has been quietly going about her business since she arrived on campus her first year at CWU, but her work ethic and play on the field speaks volumes,” Womens Rugby Head Coach Matthew Ramirez said.

“To get the opportunity to represent your country at the highest level is something to be cherished,” Ramirez said. “I’m incredibly proud of Mae for earning this selection for the traveling squad.”

Sagapolu’s resume includes winning rookie of the year, forward of the year, most valuable player and being awarded the MA Sorensen award, which is given to the best female rugby player nationwide.

Sagapolu on the drive. Photo by Jacob Thompson / Thompson Sports Media

“I owe all my accomplishments to my teammates,” Sagapolu said. “We are a very hungry and passionate team. Against the top teams in our division, we are constantly fighting until the very end.”

“We put our hearts and souls into the game, and I guess that’s what drives me to do my best, because I know my girls are counting on me,” Sagapolu said “It’s gives me a boost in my performance.”

The team’s success rides off Sagapolu’s back, according to her teammate. 

“She is an awesome teammate and an even more wonderful person,” Junior Kai Brandt said. She is always pushing herself to do better every day.”Whether it’s practice or in the game, her work ethic speaks for itself. Even if she’s not the loudest person, you will feel her presence on the field.” 

Sagapolu said she has a lot she wants to accomplish for this upcoming season, not only for herself but for the team also. 

“For this season, I want to set up the best foundation for building a team,” Sagapolu said.”I want to see great people in great positions. I want to see more passionate girls come in and work. I want to see CWU women’s rugby come up in our division, and I want to see more recruits eager to come play here.”

But it all ties back to the foundation we are building here as a team, which leaves our legacy and our dreams in the hands of our future teams. I just want to leave my legacy here”

Sagapolu said she holds herself to a different standard so she can dominate on and off the field. ‘’Her teammates look at her as the leader that keeps the train rolling.’’ Ramirez said

Keia Mae Sagapolu will  be inducted into the CWU hall of fame in the future according to her teammates. Until then, she will continue to try and break records and cement her legacy even more as a Wildcat.