Track & field delivers strong performance and commemorates seniors at only home meet of the season


Brenna Board and Head Coach Kevin Adkisson photo by Jacob Thompson , Thompson Sports Media

The CWU track team delivered a notable performance at their only home meet of the season held on Saturday, April 22, at the CWU Recreation Sports Complex. The team won 11 events and achieved more than 30 personal records (PRs). This meet allowed the team to demonstrate their talent in front of a home crowd as well as honor the contributions of 17 outgoing seniors in the program. 

Throughout the meet, the Wildcats showcased their strength in various events. Senior thrower Brenna Board surpassed her previous PR of 42.51 meters in the hammer throw by 1.11 meters.

“It felt so good,” Board said. “It was a throw that felt easy and natural, and I didn’t have to think throughout the throw.”

Recovering from a sprained ankle, senior jumper Tre Silva also had positive feelings about his first performance back since his injury. 

“I was in a bit of a different situation since it was my first meet back in a few weeks since I sprained my ankle,” Silva said. But I felt close to 100% and did way better than I anticipated!” 

Overall, the team performed “superiorly well,” throughout the meet according to Silva. He praised athletes such as “Erica Cabanos [who] got a lifetime best in the long jump and a season-best in the triple jump,” along with “Christopher Hines who jumped 23ft in the long jump. It was such a sight to see,” Silva said.

The team’s success was a testament to their hard work and commitment throughout the season, as well as the support of their coaches and fellow teammates, according to graduate student thrower Angus Beaton.

“Being an NCAA athlete takes dedication, discipline, and commitment,” Beaton said. “My coaches and fellow athletes have taught me a tremendous amount including independence, work ethics, and perseverance. The athletes and coaches have helped me develop and grow as an athlete and as a person.”

CWU was also able to pay tribute to its senior members during this eventful meet. “It was surreal to acknowledge that I’ve been in this program for four years, they flew by,” Board said. 

Beaton, who has been on the team for six years, described the experience as “Bittersweet.”

“It has been an honor and privilege to be a member of the CWU Track and Field team from undergraduate to graduate school,” Beaton said.

Next, the Wildcats also have their eyes set on the upcoming Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC) tournaments and how they will begin to prepare for it. 

“GNAC has a lot higher stakes, so I make sure to keep positive and just prepare the best I can at practice,” Board said. “I like to know where to set my goals, and imagining reaching them is usually all that goes through my head.”