Seattle Mariners welcome the Wildcats to T-Mobile Park


Wellington and Mariner Moose. Photo by Brittany Cinderella

Brittany Cinderella, Copy Desk Lead

The crowds were filled with crimson, black and white at T-Mobile Park as the Seattle Mariners welcomed CWU students, staff, alum and fans for CWU Mariners Night. CWU-themed Mariners jerseys were given out to help celebrate Mariners and Wildcats alike. 

To kick off the event, CWU alum Michael “The Wanz” Wansley opened with some of his music. Best known for his voice in Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”, Wansley sang along with some of the CWU cheerleaders during the pregame festivities and took the field for the national anthem.

To help celebrate CWU night, ASCWU president Luis Reyes, a senior in business administration, took the mound for the honorary pregame pitch.  

“It was amazing…having the support of everyone that was here really helped me out,” Reyes said. “I want people to know CWU is an amazing university that gives any student the opportunity to do fun things like this.” 

Engagement Program Manager for the CWU Alumni Association Rachel Case said the event had a record number for CWU Mariners Nights. 

“We had 1,500 special CWU tickets that you would receive the co-branded jersey if you bought these tickets and we sold out,” Case said. In previous years, the CWU Mariners Nights gave away CWU Mariners co-branded hats, hoodies, flags and t-shirts; this was the first year they’ve done a jersey. 

Ashley Holum, a junior in clinical physiology, attended CWU Mariners Night with her friends.

“I think it’s important for current students and also alumni to be able to come back and enjoy this night…[and] have that college experience,” Holum said.

The night ended with the Mariners winning 5-2 against the St. Louis Cardinals. Both teams’ starting pitchers had strong showings deep into the game, before they both sent in their relievers. Mariners A.J. Pollock had a 2-run double in the bottom of the sixth inning that gave the Mariners the lead, and helped secure them the win.  

This is the first Mariners season with the new pitch timer rule, allowing only 15 seconds per pitch if the bases are empty, and 20 seconds if there are runners out, according to Major League Baseball has also shortened the time between batters to only 30 seconds. 

To find out when the next CWU Mariners Night takes place, check the CWU Alumni Association for upcoming events and news at

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  • CWU Alum Michael “The Wanz” Wansley singing with CWU cheerleaders. Photo by Brittany Cinderella

  • Luis Reyes after the honorary pitch. Photo by Brittany Cinderella

  • T-Mobile Park sign. Photo by Brittany Cinderella

  • CWU Alum Michael “The Wanz” Wansley singing the national anthem. Photo by Brittany Cinderella

  • Wellington at T-Mobile, Photo by Brittany Cinderella

  • Megan Rogers and Ashley Holum, Photo by Brittany Cinderella

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