Austin Ohland wins GNAC player of the week honors

All you need to know about the CWU Baseball veteran


Ohland standing at base. Photo by Jacob Thompson / Thompson Sports Media)

Ryan Gildersleeve, Staff Reporter

Austin Ohland has been a consistent slugger for the CWU baseball team for the past four years, and after earning Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC) player of the week honors last week, Ohland is building momentum on his way to the end of the season. 

Ohland won the GNAC player of the week honors after a weekend where he batted .471 and tallied seven runs for the Wildcats. His contributions would aid the Wildcat baseball team as they swept Montana State Billings (MSUB) over the April 1 weekend and improved upon a less than favorable record, then sitting at 14-22. 

If you’ve followed CWU baseball at all in the last four years, chances are you’ve seen Ohland’s name a time or two. He has hit for a career batting average of .305 as well as adding 17 home runs and 110 hits. 

CWU baseball Head Coach Desi Storey was enthusiastic when speaking on Ohland’s path with the team, and specified Ohland’s consistent contributions as impressive.

“Austin’s so mature, he’s been in the middle of our lineup since he was a Freshman and I think it’s just been a steadying piece, and you don’t necessarily expect that from a guy coming in as a freshman, but he’s always been in the 3-4-5 spot,” Storey said.

Ohland is no stranger to success in baseball, being named All-Conference at Lafayette High School his senior year before joining the CWU baseball team in 2020. Since joining the team, Ohland has continued down his path of success, having impactful seasons each year of his tenure and adding individual awards as well, including GNAC Freshman of the Year in 2020. 

Not only has Ohland contributed to the team on the field, but according to Coach Storey, his leadership off the field has also been significant. 

“I think he does a great job leading by example, his work ethic regardless of what’s going on has been fantastic,” Storey said, “Guys respect what he’s done…but I think the fact is he’s pretty even-keeled and regardless of what’s going on the guys can look at him and go, ‘you know, Ohland’s just going about his business, we need to do that too.’”

Ohland emphasized the importance of leadership in his day-to-day life, and specifically in his sport.

“I want to be remembered as a strong leader,” Ohland said. “That’s what I’m going to school for and that’s something that I really enjoy is leading people and helping to produce something, whether it be a baseball game and a win, or it’s a school project or business project. That’s how I want to be remembered, as a good leader.”

Wildcat baseball will play their next games over April 21-22, when they host the Nighthawks of Northwest Nazarene University in a four game series. With the end of the season in sight, Ohland spoke of his aspirations for himself and his team.

“I think the year we went to the GNAC championships would definitely have to be one of the top days for me, it was really awesome getting to see all the seniors experience that,” Ohland said. “I’m hoping we can do it for the guys this year as well.”