We need to do something about the transgender genocide in the United States


Trans pride flags lining a pathway. Photo courtesy of Flickr

Morgana Carroll, News Editor

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Daily Wire Host Micheal Knowles called for “the eradication of transgenderism” on March 6, as crowds of conservative supporters cheered in agreement. 

CPAC is by no means a small event; the largest names in American conservatism make an appearance, from journalists to talk show hosts to politicians to presidential candidates. This is not a fringe group, this is the largest routine partisan rally in the nation, calling for the eradication of a group of people, spurred on by a prominent political figure.

There is an active genocide toward the transgender community in the U.S. 

At a National Rifle Association (NRA) rally on April 14, former president and current presidential candidate Donald Trump, said that if elected he would have the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) begin an investigation into whether transgenderism is the cause of mass shootings, and have them restrict prescription of hormone replacement therapy, alleging that transgenderism results in aggressive behavior. 

This was formerly the most politically powerful man in the world, saying that if he is given that much power a second time, he would use it to restrict rights to a medical procedure, to restrict the rights of consenting adults in this country. These are human rights that should not be so easily alienated that one man, wanting to impress his fanatical mob, can wave his hand and have it done.

In Missouri, a new bill that would heavily restrict adult access to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was introduced recently, according to AP News. Before starting HRT, participants must prove through testing that they have documented extreme gender dysphoria for a minimum of three years. They would also be screened for autism and “social media addiction,” and any psychiatric symptoms from mental health issues that would otherwise disqualify them from treatment. 

This is an ableist action, as having a neurodivergent condition such as autism would have nothing to do with being transgender. Patients must also be shown over two dozen resources and documents before being able to give consent, a move that, according to AP, many psychologists are denouncing and likening to conversion therapy.

According to the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, there are ten stages of genocide: classification, symbolization, discrimination, dehumanization, organisation, polarisation, preparation, persecution, extermination and denial. The trans genocide is on step seven: preparation.

The steps that are taken toward eradication of a people never seem huge. It’s always something that is easily defensible by those who make the decision. They have deniability in smaller decisions that are made dangerous in the context of other decisions that in tandem are a disastrous precursor for minority groups. 

Florida has made public drag illegal, particularly in the presence of children, according to NBC 6. Florida has also made sexual crimes against children punishable by death, and finally, they have now allowed the decision of a death sentence to be made with only an 8-4 vote instead of a unanimous decision. Alone the changes range from infuriating for the drag bill to mildly palatable for those who believe that sex offenders should be executed, but together, these ingredients make for a recipe that can only result in the systematic eradication of anyone who doesn’t conform to the gender ideology of the state.