Ellie Chaffin Q&A


Brittany Cinderella

Ellie graduated from CWU in 2022 with a B.S. in Family and Child Life, specializing in Child Life, and minors in Accessibility Studies and Social Services. She’s currently back at CWU as a Master’s student in the Child Development and Family Science program. 

What got you inspired to pursue the Family & Child Life major?

I knew I wanted to pursue becoming a child life specialist after I spent time in the hospital as a teenager. The child life specialist who worked with me was the best part of many of my hospitalizations, and I wanted to bring that joy to other children and families!

How did you find out about CWU?

I found out about the Child Development and Family Science program at CWU because it has the only undergraduate program certified by the Association of Child Life Professionals in Washington.

What makes you passionate about working with children?

I love working with children because they are our future! I think it is so important to nurture and support children to become the best humans possible.

What do you hope to achieve with your degree and masters?

My degree will allow me to become certified as a child life specialist, which means that I can work in hospitals and other stressful environments to help children understand and cope with different situations.

What has been your favorite memory during your time at CWU?

Some of my favorite memories from CWU are from club meetings and hanging out with others in my program!

What’s one podcast you can’t stop recommending to people?

I have been listening to a lot of cool podcasts lately! Some I recommend are: National Parks After Dark (true crime and paranormal stories from the world’s national parks), Marked Safe (disasters), and This Podcast Will Kill You (diseases)!