Who’s taking home the gold?


Joy, Evelyn and Waymond Wang. Photo courtesy of A24

Isaac Hinson, Columnist

This Sunday marks the commencement of the 95th Oscars. A year’s worth of movies watched, campaigns ran and other awards shows attended have all led to this, and right now it seems like the clear frontrunner for nearly every award it was nominated for is A24’s “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” Sweeping the Independent Spirit Awards this past weekend, it would be a safe bet to assume “Everything Everywhere” is going to clean house at the Oscars. 

Since I’ve already covered Best Actor in a previous piece, I’ll be taking a look at the three remaining big awards: Best Actress, Best Director and Best Picture. Does anyone else stand a chance against “Everything Everywhere?” Who do I think will win? Who do I think should win? 

Best Actress

Cate Blanchett (“Tár”), Ana De Armas (“Blonde”), Michelle Yeoh (“Everything Everywhere”), Michelle Willams (“The Fabelmans”) and Andrea Riseborough (“To Leslie”) are this year’s Best Actress class. Immediately, I feel safe saying Riseborough has no chance to win. The effort from her campaign management to secure the nomination was great work. Sadly, that doesn’t equal an award, and she’s playing with the big girls now. Blanchett and Yeoh are the two clear frontrunners, with Blanchett giving arguably the best performance of the year, and Yeoh being the lead performer in the hottest movie of the year. 

De Armas could make a push. Colin Farrell notably commended her performance during his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, which has led some to believe that the industry is a fan of her work in “Blonde”. Blanchett would be my pick, “Tár” lives and dies by her performance, but I think that ultimately the award will go to Yeoh. Yeoh has never won an academy award while Blanchett already has two, and I feel the Academy will take this opportunity to recognize Yeoh. 

Best Director

Martin McDonaugh (“The Banshees of Inisherin”), the Daniels (“Everything Everywhere”), Steven Spielberg (“The Fabelmans”), Todd Field (“Tár”) and Ruben Östlund (“Triangle of Sadness”) are the nominees for Best Director this year. An impressive class. 

But, nobody here is beating Steven Spielberg, not even Daniels. This is his award to lose. It’s some of the best work of his career, and with it seeming like “The Fabelmans” won’t be getting any Best Picture love, I feel this is how the Academy will be giving Spielberg and the movie its flowers. I think Spielberg should win, and I think he will win. 

Best Picture

“All Quiet on the Western Front,” “Avatar: The Way of Water,” “Banshees,” “Elvis,” “Everything Everywhere,” “The Fabelmans,” “Tár,” “Top Gun: Maverick,” “Triangle of Sadness” and “Women Talking” are the 10 in this years Best Picture class. While a fairly predictable group, it’s still full of good films. 

“Everything Everywhere” is the clear favorite here. It won the highest award at nearly every award show this season and has more nominations than any other film this year. I really really like “Everything Everywhere,” but if you had told me when I saw it in March that it would be the clear front-runner for Best Picture, there’s no chance I would’ve believed you. 

There is one movie that I do think could dethrone it with the help of the aggregate voting used for Best Picture: “Top Gun: Maverick.” “Maverick” is legitimately very good, and I think that it’s going to be second or third on a lot of voters’ ballots. 

But, I think that “Everything Everywhere” is going to be the winner of the biggest award in the film industry come Sunday. It seems inevitable. I for one would be perfectly fine with it winning, however an “Avatar,” “Elvis,” “Fabelmans” or “Maverick” upset would be quite fun.