Dominating the diamond: CWU softball’s strong start to the season


Photo courtesy of Jacob Thompson / Thompson Sports Media

Tre'Jon Henderson, Staff Reporter

The CWU softball team has started off their season with displays of skill and determination. The ladies opened their season strong, winning their last three games, two of which were against Corban University and another win against Cal State. 

The team’s success may be attributed to their hard work. They have put in countless hours of practice and preparation, both on and off the field, to be ready for the challenges that come with competing at a prominent level, according to head coach Joe DiPierto.

Photo by Jacob Thompson, Thompson Sports Media

“We have built a family bond on our team by holding each other accountable and challenging each other on and off the field,” senior infielder Serena Perez said. “Our greatest strength this year is fortitude. We have overcome so much adversity and have so much in a positive manner.”

The team had their fair share of adversity even before the season started. Sometimes the team would question where they were going to practice, and whether they were even going to practice.

Senior pitcher Isabel Womack said, “We have had to overcome lots of craziness this winter trying to find a place to practice, from our gear burning down in the original practice spot, to practicing until 11 p.m. or in low temperatures on the turf field.’’ 

The team’s prosperity is a result of their ability to work together as a cohesive unit. The ladies pride themselves on their connection with one another on and off the field.

‘’They communicate effectively on the field, support one another through both victories and defeats, and have a keen sense of team spirit and camaraderie,” Head Coach Joe DiPierto said. “This year’s team was built with depth, with each player having their own role.”

Senior infielder Miyah Seaton echoed DiPietro’s sentiment, highlighting the support of the players who might not see playing time.

Photo by Jacob Thompson, Thompson Sports Media

“Now that our roster has over 20 girls, there are more voices in the dugout which is a great amplification of support,” senior infielder Miyah Seaton said. “Girls who do not play certain games know they always have a role and are not afraid to help players adjust mid-game, which is so valuable.’’ 

The Wildcats look forward to the rest of the season ahead, beginning with their series against Montana State Billings on Mar 3.