Who’s the NBA’s GOAT?


Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Tre'Jon Henderson, Columnist

Some may say the GOAT conversation between Michael Jordan and Lebron James will never be known. Some argue that the eras the two played in were two different types of basketball. One era was tough and gritty, and the other was pretty and smart.

Well, I am here to bring the conversation to an end: Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James. If you were thinking M.J., you are out of your mind. James is a 6-foot-9, 250-pound monster who was created in a lab in Akron, Ohio.

James was drafted in 2003. I was three years old when he got drafted, I am 22 now, and he is still playing in the NBA at age 38. James, to this day, only has 10% body fat on him.Lebron has spent half his life in the NBA. He was 18 when he was drafted, and he was so sought after in high school that he did not even attend college to play basketball, he went straight to the pro’s.

Jordan fans are the most biased fans I have ever seen in my life. The one constant point that the Jordan fans make is that he has more NBA finals rings than Lebron. M.J. has six and Lebron has four.

It is ironic how nobody wants to talk about how James has more career points, rebounds, assists and a higher field goal percentage. It is always about the rings with the Jordan fans, and I wonder why.

Only ‘Bron fans know the truth, it is because they know that is the only thing you can say that M.J. has more of. James could do what M.J. did 100 times better, and again, at age 38.

Lebron is the definition of longevity, he is a couple of years away from playing with his son Bronny James who is a senior this year at Sierra Canyon in California.

James was even a better team player than M.J. James was adored by his teammates and fans, while M.J. was hated by his teammates but loved by his fans. Many say Jordan was a jerk and never hung out with his teammates outside of basketball.

James once gifted all of his teammates Rolex watches for their hard work and attitude. He has been the poster child of who people should want to be like in life. He is professional, smart and the greatest person to ever touch a basketball.