Top Five Animes you should be watching right now


Photo courtesy of Pexels

Omar Benitez, Columnist

2022 was a great year for anime. 2023 is looking to be another great year with some beloved and popular anime like ‘One-Punch Man,’ ‘Demon Slayer’ and ‘Attack on Titan’ finally making their long awaited return, among others.

Here’s a list of a couple anime to help you get started. I didn’t include any of the big three, ‘Bleach’, ‘One Piece’ and ‘Naruto,’ because of how long and popular they are. But yes, you should definitely watch them, especially ‘Bleach’ which returned in Oct. after a 10 year hiatus and will be dropping new episodes in July. I’ve also tried to include mostly newer anime that have either recently dropped new episodes, or are expected to this year. Now, let’s get into it.

  1. “Tokyo Revengers”  (2022) 

Episodes: 37 (season two currently ongoing)

Where to watch: HBO Max (first season) Hulu (second season) 

This is a newer anime, released just last year in April, but it’s already been a huge hit. With season two already ongoing, the wait for a new season is not long. 

The story follows Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old living in Tokyo working a dead end job, living in a crappy apartment and living an unsatisfied life. Until one day, Takemichi notices on the news that his ex-girlfriend from middle school, Hinata Tachibana was murdered in a gang dispute, that same day, Takemichi is pushed in front of a train in the subway. But instead of dying he is transported 12 years back in time to middle school. 

Here Takemichi vows to make a change for his life and save the life of his ex- (now current since he’s in the past) girlfriend. He soon realizes it won’t be as easy as he originally thought. 

As the story begins to unfold, he realizes just how extremely dangerous this will be and how premeditated their deaths actually were. He now finds himself going deeper into the ‘gang life’ as he tries to save the future. 

Trust me when I say this, this anime definitely has some awesome twists and is definitely worth a watch.

  1. “Jujutsu Kaisen”   (2020)

Episodes: 24 and Movie

Where to watch: HBO Max and Crunchyroll

It has one full season out at the moment and a movie ‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0,’ which is also excellent, and a prequel to the anime that introduces you to some of the upper class members of Tokyo Jujutsu High School a bit better. 

In this word, there are curses, which are essentially spirits that are the manifestations of people’s negative emotions. These curses exist to harm people and to combat them there are jujutsu sorcerers, people who harness cursed energy as powers. 

The story follows 15-year-old Itador Yuji, a first year in high school who finds himself in a tough spot after he happened to stumble upon Megumi Fushiguro, a Tokyo Jujutsu High School student and sorcerer who was looking for Sakuna’s finger; who’s known as the ‘king of curses’. 

The two agree to look for the finger and find it. But soon after, they are attacked and upon seeing Megumi in combat with a curse, Itadori decides to help him. He decides to swallow the finger, which leads to him getting possessed and becoming the vessel to the powerful curse. 

Itadori is then captured by the extremely strong Jujutsu Scorer and Tokyo Jujutsu High Grandmaster, Gojo Satoru. Satoru tells him they plan to execute him but Satoru postpones it, he then forces Itadori to join Jujutsu High as a way to keep an eye on him until they are able to recover all the remaining fingers. 

The story is really awesome with this one, the animation and art style is amazing, being done by Mappa Studios, which is arguably Japan’s most popular animation studio at the moment. 

With the next season planned to release in July, this one you should definitely add to your watchlist.

  1. “Samurai Champloo”  (2005)

Episodes: 26

Where to watch: Crunchyroll and Hulu

This is the only older or throwback anime I included on this list, this anime is an absolute gem and in my opinion, it’s super underrated. It was critically acclaimed and has an excellent soundtrack that was done by late Japanese lofi hip-hop legend, Nujabees.

It was also directed by Shinchirō Watanabe, who also directed another classic anime,‘Cowboy Bebop’ (another great anime you should watch by the way). 

Samurai Champloo is set in Edo Period Japan, and follows Fuu, a young Japanese waitress who gains the protection from two swordsmen: Jin, who’s a ronin or wandering samurai and Mugen, who’s just a crazy character after beating them in gambling match. 

The three unlike characters set off on a journey in search of Fuu’s long lost father, the Sunflower Samurai. In their journey across Japan, they come across many obstacles and get in many and awesome fights. They also meet many different people, each with their own unique and touching stories. 

The anime is really historically accurate to the setting and even goes into topics like the persecution of Christians in Edo Period Japan and ban on foreigners. Overall, the show has great character development and the three end up forming a really close bond during their journey. This anime is one that will definitely leave you wanting more. 

  1. “Mob Psycho 100” (2018)

Episodes: 37

Where to watch: Crunchyroll and Hulu

From the creators of One-Punch Man (another great anime you should watch) comes Mob Psycho 100. The story follows middle schooler Shigeo Kageyama or ‘Mob’ as his friends and classmates refer to him. 

He’s no ordinary middle schooler, he just so happens to be one of the strongest espers (psychics) in the world. Mob just wants to live a normal middle schooler’s life, without having to rely on his powers. But he constantly finds himself getting used for his powers by people like his classmates, his spirit friend Dimple and his master Reigan who’s a self proclaimed psychic himself, but makes Mob do everything. 

Throughout the show, you will also notice a meter slowly going up to 100 when Mob is put in intense or uncomfortable situations. When the meter hits 100 Mob completely loses it and his powers go out of control. So Mob is always living in that constant fear he could lose control. 

It truly has some of the greatest character growth I’ve seen in an anime, not only for Mob, but also some of the main side characters as well. The anime has some genuinely awesome, funny and likable characters and just when I think the last season can’t be topped, they always do. 

The anime is officially finished now, with the final season coming to an end in December. There are three full seasons for you to enjoy, and each is truly great so make sure to check it out.

  1. Chainsaw Man”  (2022)

Episodes: 12

Where to watch: Crunchyroll and Hulu

The hype this past year for Chainsaw Man before it was released was REAL, and I think it completely delivered. I feel like the best anime are ones that are able to pull off multiple elements like being funny, sad, suspenseful, with a great story and fighting scenes.

This one checks all those boxes. The animation is absolutely beautiful, with another wonderful job by Mappa Studios. ‘Chainsaw Man’ is set in Japan in a world where creatures called ‘Devils’ exist. 

These devils are similar to the curses in Jujutsu Kaisen, in that they are a manifestation of a human’s fear; basically anything that causes fear can become a devil, and the stronger the fear, the stronger the devil. 

There are also devil hunters, who hunt devils by making pacts with other devils; usually, a sacrifice in exchange for use of the devils abilities. 

The story follows 16-year-old orphan Denji who works as a devil hunter with his pet devil, Pochita, ‘the chainsaw devil’, as a way to pay off the massive debt he inherited from his father. 

One day, the Yakuza gangsters he is in debt to decided to kill him. Pochita, remembering a promise Denji made him, decided to possess Denji’s body, becoming his heart and bringing him back to life and essentially turning Denji into a devil-human hybrid. 

The next day, Denji is confronted by devil hunters. Here he meets Makima, the head of the Tokyo devil hunters, who gives him two choices: either die right now, or join the public safety devil hunters. Denji is then convinced rather easily by Makima who promises him anything in return if he helps her capture the infamous gun devil. 

Soon, Denji finds out that this job is not easily survived. The anime has so many awesome likable characters: Denji, Power, Aki, Himeno and more. The story starts really goofy and upbeat, but gets intense real quick with some really impactful moments. 

The first season just fully released in Dec. 2022, and with a new season expected to drop sometime this year, this is definitely one you need to be watching.