Editorial: Presidents Day? More like “Precedent for War Crimes Day”


Photo courtesy of Pexels

Morgana Carroll, News Editor

America likes to fetishize the commander in chiefs we have had, and frankly, it’s disgusting. 

The farther back you go, the worse it is. Everyone loves the founding fathers, but don’t hold them accountable for their actions nearly as much as they would for any post World War II president. 

Everyone thinks of the founding fathers as such great men, but they really weren’t. They were all slave owners, and very few of them spoke out against slavery. Jefferson was particularly bad, having abused and sexually assaulted his slaves, according to the Washington Post.

Washington led a revolution and then his hypocritical ass stopped multiple rebellions with military force. His actions to stop Whiskey’s Rebellion sparked modern day racism, creating the gap between low class white Americans and slaves after seeing how powerful and threatening of a force they were if they banded together, according to Vice.

Jackson is easily in my top ten list of worst human beings. He was wildly racist. His Indian Removal Policy was bloody according to the U.S. Archives, and was responsible for the start of the genocide of Native Americans in the American Southwest according to Indian Country Today. He owned hundreds of slaves and censored anti-slavery messaging in the post office according to State of the Union History. 

It isn’t just the founding fathers I’m not fond of. Reagan’s ideas have caused nearly every economic issue since his presidency. Obama’s drone strikes were inhumane and claimed more innocent lives than military. 

We love to think of Teddy as this wonderful man who loved nature and inspired stuffed animals. He also called anyone that was not white from an “inferior race” according to History.com, displaced a lot of Native Americans, and committed what some could consider genocide in the Pacific Islands. 

There isn’t a single U.S. President that wasn’t an awful, horrible person and the American public needs to stop pretending it isn’t the case.