Winter intramurals inbound


Man with a volleyball in hand. Photo courtesy of Pexels

Deacon Tuttle, Staff Reporter

Intramural sports are underway. As the winter quarter progresses CWU Recreation provides several options in terms of activities for people of all skills and interests. 

Dac Carey, a senior majoring in business management and leadership, is hopefully suiting up for intramural 5 v 5 basketball next week as the schedule is being finalized. There are currently 23 basketball teams signed up with various experience levels. 

“They’re still trying to move people around within leagues because there’s a lot of teams,” Carey said. “So it could be the week after.”

For Carey, playing sports has always been on the mind. Intramurals provide a way for him to continue playing in a non-competitive environment. Carey said he plays in the gray league, which is geared towards a less competitive and casual environment.

“I’ve always been interested in sports. So, that’s always been a big part of my life,” said Carey. “I could care less about winning the championship, I just want to have a fun time with my friends and goof around … It’s really cool to have this shared experience and just to have a good time and have memories.” 

Along with traditional sports, eSports competitions are also available through intramurals with games such as ‘Apex Legends’ and ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.’ Junior mechanical engineering major Filemon Beni finds himself playing ‘Smash Bros.’ with other enthusiasts thanks to the program. 

“Fun, challenging, and exciting,” Beni said about the environment while playing. “[You] just get to know their skills and ask for help in ways that you don’t know how to play and they’ll probably help you out,” Beni said.

Intramurals also gave Beni time to connect with Asia University America Program (AUAP) students from Japan through their shared connection with Smash Bros. 

“They invited me to go to it because this is the one time that they’re gonna be doing it,” Beni said. “This is a worldwide game that everyone around the world plays.” 

For anyone new to ‘Smash Bros.’, he recommends using some of the stronger and more durable characters in the game like King K. Rool, King Dedede and Ike.

“I think [stronger and more durable players] do a lot of damage, but at the same time, they have a really good recovery,” Beni said. 

In his time playing eSports with about 30 people, the ability to celebrate wins and meet people stood out the most, according to Beni .

“I think that place was a good place to make some connections,” Beni said. 

Colby Davis, a junior majoring in sports management and communications captains an intramural dodgeball team. According to Davis, being able to recapture his youth motivates him to play. 

“Growing up there’s sort of a nostalgic feeling like ‘oh, I used to play this all through elementary and middle school,’” Davis said. 

In addition to dodgeball, Davis has played intramural softball and flag football and says he may dive into volleyball as a part of his hunt for a championship t-shirt this quarter. 

“I could just join my girlfriend’s roommate and the Blind Assassins on volleyball,” Davis said. “They’ve won like three seasons in a row.” 

Like Carey, Davis also highlights the ability to manage the intensity at which you play thanks to the intramural league levels. 

“If you’re very competitive, you go to crimson,” Davis said. “Then there’s a lower league and co-ed. I think that’s a great feature.” 

Students interested can view the recreation site for more details on teams to join and see when schedules are released.