CWU’s track and field team thrives under new management


Erica Cabanos making the effort. Photo by Jacob Thompson/Thompson Sports Media

Tre'Jon Henderson, Staff Reporter

CWU’s track team takes on new challenges as the indoor competition starts. The Wildcats are going into the winter season with 19 new freshmen as well as new additions to the coaching staff, according to their roster.

The CWU track and field team competed in the Spokane indoor challenge this past weekend, where they faced off against multiple division one schools. CWU placed high in multiple events, as the team looked strong in only their second meet.

Junior Johan Correa earned a spot on the top performer’s list in Spokane. He broke the school record for the second time in the 800-meter dash. Senior jumper Erica Cabanos was nominated for field athlete of the week, as she hit a new personal record (PR) to start off the indoor season. 

“I feel like when I show up to practice, I must be a positive light because I know how hard workouts can be, and sometimes I remember back when I was a freshman nobody was there to help and guide me through my first season,’’ Cabanos said.

Part of the team is under new management as Brittany Hall takes over as head of jumps, sprints, multis and hurdles. Hall is taking over for former sprint and jumps coach Bryan Mack.

Mack now coaches at Missouri State where the team tries to continue their dominance they had last season. Hall is no new face to CWU as she has been with the program for over 10 years. Freshman jumper Tehya Raine said she had a hard time adjusting to her first year and time with the team.

Erica Cabanos in action Photo by Jacob Thompson/Thompson Sports

“It was definitely hard because you could see that it was nothing like high school,” Raine said. “It is a lot of pressure in a way because you feel like you have to be great, you know you have to prove yourself because you are a freshman and sometimes it’s overwhelming.”

Raine spoke on the challenges not only her but the team has to face and be ready for the upcoming season. 

“You have upperclassmen telling you it’s going to get better, but at the same time, you have doubts,” Raine said. “I am just thankful I have upperclassmen to look up to.”