Letter From The Editor 1/12


Photo courtesy of Katherine Camarata

Katherine Camarata, Lead Editor

Long time no see readers,

I hope you’ve had a reflective and soothing time throughout the holiday season. Winter is a season to examine what patterns and behaviors no longer serve us and to shed past versions of ourselves. This issue highlights some of the amazing winter programs available on campus and in town to serve community members facing financial insecurity (see pg. 4-5), a guest column about the sentience of animals (see pg. 6) and coverage of our thriving Women’s basketball season (see pg. 7). 

We hope you all take care of yourselves during this pivotal time, while many of us on campus are grieving. CWU provides a fantastic resource for students via the TimelyCare app. If you download the app and log in with your CWU email, you can access free scheduled therapy appointments and emergency visits. I’ve used this tool for my mental health many times, and could not recommend it enough. 

Take care and be well,


Katherine Camarata

Lead Editor