The Dolphins killed Tua Tagovailoa’s career

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Jacqueline Hixssen, Columnist

Anyone watching America’s sport this season can admit the abnormal amount of serious injuries.  

The Miami Dolphins put Tua Tagovailoa’s life and career on the line after clearing him to return to play in week three’s match-up against the Buffalo Bills and more so, allowing Tagovailoa to play in week four’s game against Cincinnati Bengals. 

Tagovailoa, starting quarterback of the Dolphins, has been on the media’s forefront this season and not because of his play on the field. 

Tagovailoa’s season, and potentially his career are not guaranteed after the quarterback got hit in week three by Bill’s linebacker Matt Milano. 

After Milano’s roughing call, Tagovailoa was seen stumbling, falling and being supported by teammates as he was escorted off the field.

The National Football League (NFL) has been adamant about preventing head injuries to the players by adjusting helmet capabilities per position; maybe what they need to pull their focus to is the third party specialists teams are hiring to clear players from concussion protocol. 

The announcers and fans are, of course, not all medical professionals, but it was obvious that Tagovailoa suffered a concussion; but according to the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant, Tagovailoa did not suffer a concussion and was entered back into the game during the second half. 

The next week during the game versus Bengals, fans saw Tagovailoa being escorted off the field on a stretcher with a severe head injury during the second quarter. 

After Bengal’s lineman Josh Tupou sacked Tagovailoa, Tagovailoa’s hands were seen seizing. 

Chris Nowinski, a neuroscientist and CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation told Business Insider that, “you usually see it in stroke when you’ve had massive damage to the cortex … Basically it made his cortex no longer in control of his body, and his brain stem took over. And that’s what it does when you have a damaged cortex.”

It seems that the Dolphin’s organization needed Tagovailoa to publicly show his signs of a concussion to bench the quarterback. 

Tagovailoa made his short return in week 16 against the Green Bay Packers, but was entered back into concussion protocol after the game.