Cross-country season ends with regional meet


Women’s cross country team photo. Photo by Jacob Thompson / Thompson Sports Photos

Kimberly LaRiviere, Staff Reporter

The NCAA West Regional Cross-Country Championship wrapped up the season for both the cross-country teams on Nov. 17-19 in Billings, Montana. The championships were attended by around 25-27 teams, including CWU.

Kevin Adkisson, head cross-country coach, said that the NCAA Cross-Country Championship is important to all the participating teams because that is where they select the teams to go to nationals.

“Every team that’s on the west coast can participate in this event,” Adkisson said. “Overall, the championship serves as our big finishing meet of the season and shows the training the cross country team did for this season.”

Senior runner Ty Savely said the regional meet is really special to everyone. 

“It’s going to be my last ever cross-country race,” Savely said. “We get to travel and run against teams that we haven’t run against before. It’s just a good way to end the season on a good note.” 

Adkisson said there are numerous goals that the cross-country team is working on as they participate in the races.

“We usually try [to] set our sights on the conference schools,” Adkisson said. “We liked to move up within the conference a team or two. We’d love to be in the top 20 since it shows we’re competitive and right in the thick of it with other schools.” 

According to Adkisson, the top runners for this year’s men’s cross-country team are Savely, Shauwn Clough and Jack Pratrapas. On the women’s team, Zoie Mastin and Rose Melville are the top runners. 

“If we can get all our top runners to have a good day, then maybe they can get new personal records,” Adkisson said. 

Preparation for the race, according to Adkisson, requires runners to focus on their own race plans. He also said runners that get too excited and start out too fast are going to fade. 

“We want to be the ones who start out and run a smart race,” Adkisson said. “Then really build on our effort and go get those other people who weren’t so careful and smart. What we’re shooting for is really helping people focus on their own races but [also] working together with their teammates wherever they can and being ready to sacrifice for each other.”

Rose Melville, junior runner, said she learned this season to build on the mental aspect of running.

“I’ve not been performing exactly the way I’ve wanted to,” Melville said. “I’ve been really surprised about how much I can rely on the community of running and the community of my team.”

Adkisson said the philosophy that he instills on the cross-country team is to be mentally positive. 

“Running your best race requires a positive effort throughout the race,” Adkisson said. “Have a great outlook about the race the whole day, and the ability to build on your effort.”

Adkisson said the regional meet is not just the last meet of the season, but it is where everyone is trying to run their best race.