Ukraine Sidebar

Andrew Ulstad, Staff Reporter

According to AP News reports, major cities in Ukraine are limiting power consumption to avoid total blackouts. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy estimates that 30% of Ukrainian power stations have been destroyed or knocked offline since Russian forces started targeting them on Oct. 10. Major cities like Kyiv and Kharkiv will have scheduled power shutdowns to preserve energy as winter approaches.

The Ukrainian city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region has been under siege for over five months. According to reports from AP News, at least seven people living in Bakhmut and neighboring Avdiivka were killed by Russian shelling between Wednesday Oct. 26 and Friday Oct. 28. This comes as residents of Bakhmut have been living without water or power since late September.

Russian President Vladimir Putin again refuted rumored plans of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine at a conference of international foreign policy experts on Thursday Oct. 27. According to AP News, Russia had previously accused Ukraine of planning what’s known as a false flag operation, one where Ukranians would detonate a nuclear laced conventional bomb and blame it on Russian forces. Ukraine and its western allies have described Putin’s allegations as a precursor to his own false flag operation.