Wizards fall to Pacers at home


Kuzma finishes through the contact. Photo by: Jacqueline Hixssen

Isaac Hinson and Jacqueline Hixssen

The Washington Wizards (sixth in the Eastern Conference) of the NBA lost at home 127-117 to the Indianapolis Pacers (12th in the Eastern Conference) Friday, Oct. 28.

The Pacers took control over the Wizards for the first half of the game. The Pacers managed to end the first quarter with 36 points, allowing the Wizards to secure 28.

Throughout the second quarter the Pacers put up 39, and allowed the Wizards to grab 32 points. 

The Wizards attempted to come back during the second half; putting up four more points than the Pacers in the third quarter (30-26) and one more point in the final quarter (27-26).

Wizards guard Bradley Beal added 31 points and seven rebounds. Guard Tyrese Haliburton and center Myles Turner led the Pacers with Haliburton putting up 25 points and 12 assists and Turner securing 27 points, 10 rebounds and five blocks. 

The last time these two teams faced off was Oct. 19 in Indianapolis where the Wizards beat the Pacers 114-107.

Hixssen’s Perspective: 

While in Washington D.C. for Media Fest 2022, Co-Sports Editor Isaac Hinson, Pulse Lead Photographer Dylan Hanson and myself (co-sports editor) attended the Wizards vs. Pacers game. 

The stadium was relatively bare, bare enough that $15 nosebleed tickets resulted in sitting nearly courtside, behind the Pacers bench about 20 rows back.

My knowledge does not extend to the NBA, so Hinson was keeping Hanson and myself current with team leaders, basketball lingo, notable players and “Insane plays,” as Hinson would say. 

My perspective, the Pacers dominated the entirety of the game. The Pacers were securing three after three, while the Wizards were bouncing their shots off the rim and backboard.

The only uprising seen throughout the game from the Wizards came from Beal and 7-foot 3- inch power forward Kristaps Porzingis. 

The Pacers played in unison, which undoubtedly helped secure the win. While there were standouts like Haliburton and Turner, the team was put together and made power moves.

While neither of these teams are teams typically cheered for on the west side of the country, Hinson found himself rather excited for this game.

Hinson had two bets going on Haliburton; one betting Haliburton went over 18 points, and another betting he would get over 25 points. 

Hinson barely scraped through the win for himself, as Haliburton secured a flat 25 points. 

Hinson’s Perspective:

If you watched this game in a vacuum, you may be inclined to believe Haliburton, Buddy Hield, and Turner were the next coming of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. 

My life has found me at around 30 NBA games, and this was one of my favorites. Going to a game in every NBA arena has always been a goal of mine, and this brought me one step closer.

You could not have asked for a better game as a fan not affiliated with either of the teams playing. Every star player played well (Haliburton, Hield, Turner, Beal and Porzingis), there were exciting plays, and the game could still reasonably have been won by either team until the final minutes. 

The arena was about half-full, which is a new sensation for me as a Portland Trail Blazers fan, as the Blazers arena the Moda Center is always packed. 

However, this development allowed for us to move seats midway through the game, and secure seats behind the Pacers bench. This experience was incredible, it was the closest to the court I have ever been in a regular season NBA game. The players truly look superhuman that close. 

One former Trail Blazers player played in the game, Wizards guard Will Barton spent the first three years of his NBA career in Portland. It is always a treat to see former Blazers in person. 

Hixssen was most excited about Winnie Harlow, supermodel girlfriend of Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma, being in attendance. At first, Hixssen saw her on the jumbotron from the nosebleeds during a timeout, however after we moved lower, she was actually able to see Harlow and her excitement grew exponentially. It was almost contagious. 

Through the game, I would share thoughts that came to my mind to Hixseen about what was happening and the effects it would have on the team, particularly on the side of the Pacers as Hield and Turner are both involved in trade rumors between the Pacers and the Los Angeles Lakers. 

In the mission to turn Hixseen into a basketball fan, this game appeared to serve its purpose. She seemed constantly entertained, even when we were in the nosebleeds, and was getting excited as the game went down to the wire.