Wildcats reveal halloween traditions


Young Kiera Bush in Halloween spirit with her witch costume. Photo courtesy of Kiera Bush

Jahleel Breland, Staff Reporter

Halloween, also known as ‘spooky season,’ is celebrated among many across the country. CWU athletes have indulged in some of their favorite traditions including movies and activities.

“My favorite movie is Hocus Pocus,” midfielder Emily Darcy said. “Growing up I would always watch that and we’d always put it on when we were carving pumpkins so it’s like a childhood movie.” 

Women’s basketball forward Kiera Bush shared her two favorite Halloween movies.

“Nightmare Before Christmas,” Bush said. “I watch it all year round. From now until after Christmas you’ll catch me watching that movie.”

Bush also enjoys the horror genre.

“My favorite scary movie is ‘The Conjuring,’” Bush said. “We watched that as a family when we were younger and now every year we always watch it.”

There are also other traditions these athletes share with their friends, families and sports teams like carving pumpkins and making homemade caramel corn.

Pumpkins carved by Emily Darcy and teammates. Photo by Emily Darcy

“As a team normally we paint pumpkins and we carve them together,” Darcy said. “This is probably my favorite thing to do, and then cooking the pumpkin seeds.”

“Every year I make carmel corn from scratch and I’ll bring some back for the team,” Bush said. “Then pumpkin patches with my younger cousins or haunted houses are always fun.”

After Halloween, some people are quick to look forward to Christmas, crank up Mariah Carey and whip out the decorations, and a few of these athletes are in that same boat. 

“Christmas is just the best time of the year because of basketball and family,” Bush said. “Most of the time, we get shorter Christmases but it’s nice being able to have a family away from our family; and being able to spend time with each other.”

As fun as the snow and Christmas tunes can be, Darcy has a slightly different thought process than Bush.

“I love my food. I definitely have to wait a week or two after Thanksgiving to start preparing for Christmas,” Darcy said.