Jason Tucholke Q&A

Photo courtesy of Jason Tucholke

Photo courtesy of Jason Tucholke

Brittany Cinderella, Columnist

Professor Tucholke is a Theatre Arts and Film professor who teaches a variety of classes at CWU. He has taught classes on sound design, historical films and many others.

What has been your favorite class to teach at CWU?

I think more than a favorite class, I have favorite moments. These moments do happen more often in some classes, though. The two classes that come to mind are Early Film History and Theatre 356 Sound Design. I also enjoy working on the shows in the Theatre Arts department – these ARE classes.

What’s your favorite film you cannot stop recommending to people?

This is a tough one. I think people need to watch more foreign films. I cannot recommend that enough.

How did you first start working in the film industry/field?

When I was in graduate school I had the fortune of editing some original Keith Haring footage into a video for a museum curator. Keith had long since passed from AIDS, but the curator had taken some original footage of him painting his figures around New York when he was still alive. This footage had not yet been edited. It was really a pivotal moment for me.

What historical film do you think still holds up to today’s best films?

I think many of Chaplin’s films still hold up well. The themes in his films often focused on the oppressed and the challenges of being poor, hungry, and unemployed. I think this is part of the reason the films are still relevant. I’m also continually amazed by Buster Keaton’s stunts.

What do you wish more people knew about theatre arts and film?

That this work is for everyone! Come audition, come be in a film, come see the work! Also, if you create, create with a purpose. In theatre we are fond of asking, “why produce this particular play” and “why produce it now?” I think that applies to life, too. Why are you walking a particular path? The arts help answer the larger, deeper questions in life – or at least gets us thinking about them, hopefully…

What’s one spooky movie/show you’d recommend for people to watch this Halloween?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show in McConnell Auditorium on November 4! It is a little after Halloween, but last year it was sold out! I think the doors open at 9, and the screening starts at 10:00. There will be live actors on stage with the film!Jason Tucholke Q&A (