Ellensburg School District issues vote of no confidence for superintendent


Photo courtesy of ESD

Kat Cardenas, Copy Desk

The Ellensburg School District issued a no confidence vote concerning superintendent, Jinger Haberer.

The concern arose due to several major points that were presented by the Ellensburg Education Association (EEA) in late September. The concerns included school day start time and school day end times, attendance zones and confusion with the maximum amount of paper copies teachers can make for their classroom.

According to a recent article published by the Daily Record, the start and end time has changed  every year for the last three years. The article also stated the number of paper copies allowed to staff personnel is only a concern to decrease the amount used and cost overall. 

“Attendance zones and the detoured starts were necessary for multiple reasons including the transportation and our shortage of bus drivers,” Haberer said. “Some of these decisions were very complex.”

The superintendent addressed the concerns at the next board meeting on Sept. 28, responding to the vote as the first order of business.

“I acknowledge … how hard it was to go through these major changes all in one year,” Haberer said, addressing the board and referring to many of these changes beginning last school year and still changing this year.

Despite the changes, the board and faculty have congregated closer together to seek a more positive outlook on the matter.

“I see this as an opportunity for growth to strengthen our partnership with EEA,” Haberer said.  “I think one of the positives that was shared with me at this meeting is that teachers…are overall excited about the work we are doing around professional working communities.” 

“We’re already brainstorming ways to strengthen that partnership,” Haberer said. “I’m optimistic that working together we can really accomplish a lot for kids this year.” 


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