Women’s Soccer team persevering through loss


Women’s soccer team running on field. Photo by Jacob Thompson _ Thompson Sports Photos

Devin Guerra-Burnett, Staff Reporter

The women’s soccer team faced a loss to Northwest Nazarene University on Oct 8. After losing the game to the Nighthawks, the team has since regrouped and put work toward improvement.

“It was eye opening for us but also showing us how honestly, in all of those games it came down to really small individual moments and how we can fix those and so that we can just keep moving forward,”  Head Coach Lindsey Lee said.

Megan Meindersee, junior defender, said the team doesn’t waste any time over losses.

Meindersee said, “Right after the game we definitely talk about and we make sure to feel the hurt of the loss and then we try to flush it and move on to the next, and we worry less about the loss but more about the next opponent and how we tackle them and how to exploit their weakness.”

After watching game film, the women’s soccer team was able to see what worked for them and what may not have worked in their favor. Being able to watch film allows the team to take a step back and analyze their own game.

“The girls right now have grown so much this year,” Lee said. “Our approach to playing that a lot of the recovery stems from just coming back and rewatching film first and engaging with the film, what’s successful, what didn’t work, how much have we grown since the last time we played this team and from there, what do we need to do to improve for this next week.” 

This week, the girls shift back to the basics by “making sure we are feeling confident about who we are and what we are doing,” Lee said. 

Expanding on the field opens up space for the girls to better utilize the area they have and focus on contracting or closing in on their opponents making it harder for them to get down the field, according to Meindersee.

“We play two really important games we need to win,” Meindersee said. “This week we focused a lot on transitioning from offense to defense and expanding and collapsing together as a unit, so that was our focus this week.”