Football adapts to Lone Star Conference


CWU football off to a roaring start in the Lonestar Conference. Photos courtesy of Jacob Thompson

Devin Guerra-Burnett, Staff Reporter

A new football season brings CWU into a new conference, the Lone Star Conference (LSC). The players are ready for these new rivals and have been preparing to do so. 

The LSC was founded in 1931 and hosts 10 football teams within the conference, according to the Lone Star Conference Website

The conference, originally only hosting Texas based schools, has expanded and now includes outside-state- teams including CWU, Western Oregon University and Simon Fraser University.

Being in a new bracket and playing familiar teams, as well as new teams, the players are eager to make sure they are studying the opposing teams to the best of their capability, according to coach Fisk.

Fisk said he is confident about seeing these familiar teams because he can see what skills to practice and knows what to expect from these competitors. 

“Our boys have been working hard since last January to get ready to play in this conference,” Fisk said.

CWU football off to a roaring start at the Lonestar Conference. Photo courtesy of Jacob Thompson

According to Fisk, transferring to another conference doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of what they are going up against; the Wildcats have crossed paths with a couple of these teams previously.

Fisk said all of the players, returners and newcomers, all bring important values to this team.

“We’ve got talented young freshmen that are making some news and we’ve got transfers that are doing a great job for us including a strong senior class,” Fisk said. 

Combining all these talented players together this year Fisk is confident in what his team brings to the table after already playing a few of their competition last year.

Fisk said, “This is the type of group that you build through building a four-year program.”