CWU kicks off the year with 2LGBTQ+ Student Welcome event

Morgana Carroll, Scene Editor

The 2LGBTQ+ Student Welcome brought in groups of students to the President’s Lawn on September 20. These students were eager to connect with other queer students and engage with inclusive and diverse clubs and organizations. 

The 2LGBTQ+ Student Welcome is an annual event hosted by the Diversity and Equity Center (DEC.) 

“It’s important those that are queer or anybody who is a part of our community can get together and see that they aren’t alone on campus,” Equality through Queers and Allies (EQuAl) Secretary Maya Herbert said. “It’s important for freshmen who are closeted or trying to figure themselves out to see that they aren’t alone and they have a lot of people they can turn to.” 

The DEC table passed out pride flag stickers, flyers about resources for students and candy. They had  a graphic explaining the different pride flags and a trivia game. 

The activity that attendees could participate in after the opening speech was friend bingo, a game where they had to talk to other people at the event and ask them questions so that the students could meet new people. 

President Wohlpart addressing the students. (Morgana Carroll)

CWU Dining Services catered the event, offering food and containers of lemonade, ice tea and ice water. 

“It is important for students to see friends and see people who are similar to them,” first time attendee and sophomore in art, Edwin Tixta, said. “My favorite part so far has been meeting people.” 

CWU faculty were also in attendance, including college administration members and counseling advisors. Faculty representing Student Counseling Services attended to tell students that their new location is now in Black 225 and that they are always welcome if they ever need counseling. 

“One of the things we really want, particularly with a new president and with the way that Central is moving towards, is really helping students find and further develop their sense of belonging,” Director of Academic Advising, Veratta Pegram-Floyd, said. “That’s one of the reasons I’m here as staff to let students know they are supported.”