Things to Miss About Ellensburg

Katlyn White, Columnist

As someone who recently left Ellenburg for a bigger city, I didn’t think I would miss much about the podunk town. Now that life is settling down and some of my school activities are starting up again, I realize there are some things I have come to miss about the town. 

SV’s Curry Masala

This small, cute, little restaurant is the most amazing food place in Ellensburg. I ate there as often as I could. I always had extra leftovers.


While I am glad I don’t have to take some classes, I am going to miss some professors and The Observer class. It is always a riot and I miss the atmosphere of working with the whole staff in class. 

Craig’s Hill

If you haven’t gone to Craig’s Hill, go now. It is located next to the water tower and overlooks the rodeo and fairgrounds. I wish I could be there right now writing this. It was such a beautiful view. I miss getting food after work and sitting up there watching the sunset. 

My friends

I have maybe five friends who still live in Ellensburg, shout out to Katherine, Gracen, Christina, Milenne, and Kenize, but now that I am gone, all of my friends are so spread out. I can only see them once in a while, so the proximity of everyone in Ellensburg is something I miss. 

Hayday Bake and Brew

Not only did this place have amazing food, it was also a previous job of mine. I loved working there and met some really good friends while I was there. Leaving that job was the hardest part about moving away. I also miss the vegetarian casserole they have. 

Short Drives

Literally, it was a blessing in disguise to live in the middle of a small town. Everything was in walking distance or was a quick drive. I now have a 30 minute commute to my job and use a full tank of gas every 4 days, whereas in Ellensburg I filled up twice a month. 

Lack of cat hair

At my old Ellensburg apartment, I had no cats. Now I have more cats than I can count and cat hair is everywhere. It’s in every crevice of my room. My bed is covered. The ability to wear a black shirt out of the house without having to take a lint roller to myself is missed. 

I never thought I would say this, but I miss you a little Ellensburg.