By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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Ellensburg Downtown Association welcomes students to upcoming events

Volunteer Fair to connect students with resources


Phoenix mural on Pearl St. Photo courtesy of Ellensburg Downtown Association.

Katherine Camarata, Lead Editor

While CWU can feel like its own island, the Ellensburg Downtown Association (EDA) is hoping to bridge the divide between the town and college campus by inviting students to participate in new programs like the upcoming Welcome Week taking place from the 15-20 of September.

“We just moved our office to a new building on E. 3rd Avenue,” EDA Executive Director Brenda DeVore said. “The reason for that is to provide retail frontage for businesses and also for the college to have a presence downtown. We’re inviting the college to bring merchandise and gear and posters or anything they want to display during Welcome Week.”

According to DeVore, this will be the first time Welcome Week is held by the EDA and they will be providing a list of businesses that support students and parents.

DeVore said she is also excited for their volunteer fair that will be hosted on campus on Nov. 3 to connect students with local nonprofit organizations seeking interns.

“We have a volunteer fair that we’re doing twice a year,” DeVore said. “The first one was this past February where we had over 24 nonprofit organizations in one area, where students and local residents could come to speed date and meet all the nonprofits and figure out how to plug in.”

Beyond student-focused events, the EDA offers many experiences to students and residents looking for entertainment and a way to enjoy time out on the town.

Their next upcoming event will be the all-day Hoedown in the Downtown on August 31, featuring local vendors with The Dusty 45’s and Spiced Rye band providing music.

The Buskers in the ‘Burg festival on Sept. 24 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. will feature a wide variety of street performers, featuring hula hoop comedian Hillia and a traveling magic act.

Fall and Winter events include the Trick-or-Treat Harvest Fest on Oct. 28, Downtown Fall Clean-Up on Nov. 12 which will accept student volunteers, Moments to Remember Christmas tree-lighting event on Nov. 25 and the Holiday Girl’s Night Out on Dec. 8.

“It’s important that a student comes to their university and feels connected with their community,” DeVore said. “It’s important they understand we’re here to serve them, we’re here to support them. We really want to make sure that we’re opening the door, especially for students that come from another country from another culture.”

Students can visit or visit the new office in person at 109 E. 3rd St. to find out more and get connected with the local community.

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