Senior Goodbyes: I have had fun while here, but I believe I am ready to move on


Star Diavolikis, Editor-in-Chief

I have only spent two years here at CWU, and my experience has been extremely confusing. While I have been acknowledged for the work I have done and how hard I have fought to be here, I have also witnessed being discredited and discarded in many different ways.

My main takeaway from my experience here is to not put all of your might in those who will not reciprocate the feeling. If you are pouring your heart out on an assignment, project or something else, make sure the other(s) involved will do the same. I have major things I am proud of, yet no acknowledgement or help was provided along the way unless it was from friends and family. It feels foolish now, looking back, at how I fought, screamed and cried for some of my major pieces of work to be tossed aside like dirt.

While I feel my work is memorable, the process of getting work done has been painful. This school year has put me on antidepressants, and while I was able to get off of them, I had to be put back on them this quarter. Truthfully, it sucks. The exhaustion felt from all the activities I have done is draining on my body and mind.

However, I do enjoy the work and experiences I have created while being here. There were stories that created waves across campus, I have introduced the Diversity Page and more for The Observer. Being in spats with staff and faculty was a “fun” experience I’m glad I had now so I could prepare for the future.

At HYPE/Publicity Center, as a writer, I have worked events with coworkers that I truly will never forget. I have had fun dressing up for work, meeting new people and becoming a friendly face shy students feel they can approach.

The experiences will be good memories, and I am ready for them to become memories.