Edith: This is so odd, we have worked on this for about two or three quarters now. There won’t be an Edith and Ethel anymore. We’ll be out of this paper soon, and won’t contribute anymore. But hey, we’re graduating at least! Yay!

Ethel: This is really bittersweet for sure. We’ve had some really good questions and given some great and questionable advice. It’s really been a highlight of my year. What are some of your favorite advice questions we’ve covered, Edith?

Edith: I’d have to say that I really enjoyed just anything about relationships and connections. They are something interesting for me to look into, and I hope my words can help everyone out once in a while. Oh, I need to throw in my last curse word! This column we had was fucking fun.

Ethel: I agree! Although I had so much fun with the ones where I got to be sarcastic. I run on sarcasm, caffeine and tequila though, so of course I would enjoy being a shithead. But the serious ones, such as “how do you know you’re truly happy” and “how do I tell my partner I hate their friends,” I had to introspectively analyze my true feelings before giving that advice, and I had a hard time with that, but also, was truly helpful for myself.

Edith: I truly enjoyed the emotions our column sparked from readers. Seeing hate comments calling us a waste was enlightening, but simultaneously got just as much praise of how fun we were. Being silly in this little space of the paper was a nice break from the hectic process of… literally everything else going on.

Ethel: We always do tell our reporters, if you get a lot of hate, it means you’re doing something right! I do think we used that feedback constructively. It helped us make this column the best it could be. 

Edith: The questions made me reflect on my own behaviors and how I handle situations. My partner means a lot to me, and these have helped me shape my communication and behaviors with them. For anybody who enjoyed our work, thank you. It was fun, and I hope we made you laugh.

Ethel: It was so much fun. And here it is, at the end. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Do you have any last advice for our readers, Edith?

Edith: I do, actually. Just make sure you believe in yourself, and don’t take no for an answer in your work. Stand your ground, and do what you think is best. Be stubborn, and don’t be afraid to rock the boat and burn the place down. Don’t let yourself be silenced, you’ll be okay.

Ethel: My last advice to you about college is compliments of my late grandma: This too shall pass. You might love it, you might hate it, but try to enjoy these years regardless. Like I always say, I could complain but it won’t change anything. And with that, we bid you adieu.

Big Love,

Star and Addie