Dogs are better than cats

Dogs are better than cats

Milenne Quinonez, Columnist

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. You have small dogs that you can carry in your purse, you have big dogs like Huskies who are super fun to go sledding with, and then you have pitbulls who are literally babies and love to be put in onesies. This is why I personally think dogs are better than cats, and here are a couple reasons why.

To begin, dogs don’t plot their next attack in your sleep and randomly choose to be violent towards you when your privilege with the pet has suddenly expired and you have two seconds to back away.

Dogs are also the most loyal creatures, which is something we have all heard, but when was the last time you honestly heard a cat rescuing a child from a burning house? Granted a cat probably couldn’t drag a child out, but I also can’t think of a cat doing anything nice. 

Another great reason dogs are better than cats is because they are great service animals. A cat can be an emotional support animal, but a dog can be trained to help their owners with their day to day tasks, and they can be trained for people with epilepsy, diabetes or PTSD. According to United Service Dogs, dogs are able to sense when your blood sugar is low and alert their owner. They also have been known to calm people during panic attacks.  

Along with all the research that shows dogs are great companions, there is no doubt that a dog’s love for their owner is unconditional and non judgmental, and we all know those cats are pretty judgmental. According to Lake City Humane Society, dog’s enthusiasm has shown to be infectious, and their love for life’s simple pleasures is what makes them so wholesome and innocent. 

If you are not an active person like me, you can bet owning a dog will change that. Taking your dog on a daily walk is not only rewarding for your dog, but also for yourself. Going on walks always helps me clear my head and has been shown to improve mental health. 

I’m not saying cats are the devil and the worst kind of pets, but I’m simply expressing my opinion on why I personally think dogs are better. Whichever animal you feel best suited for, you should totally adopt. I will say that cats being able to potty train themselves and entertain themselves which makes them super fun because they’re low maintenance. Honestly, all animals are great, so don’t take this too seriously.