How Tom Brady became the greatest of all time


Courtesy of Pexels

Jacqueline Hixssen, Columnist

Tom Brady was released from the New England Patriots in March of 2020; Brady had played for the Patriots for 20 seasons. He built himself a legacy that not only Patriots fans knew of. ‘Brady’ became a household name.

Brady is the best quarterback to ever play the game. He is quite literally the greatest of all time. From his trophy collection to his knowledge of the field, there has never been a more successful quarterback. 

Where the Legacy Began

Drafted out of Michigan in 2000 as the 199th draft pick in the sixth round to the New England Patriots, Brady was supposed to be the backup quarterback for the Patriots behind Drew Bledsoe.

During the second week of regular season in 2001, the Patriots faced the New York Jets, a game that changed the Patriots forever. During the fourth quarter of the game, Bledsoe got hit by Jets linebacker Mo Lewis.

Bledsoe’s hit caused a lung injury and was projected to return as the starting quarterback for the Patriots, until Brady started showing promising results for the Patriots.

Brady’s first start for the Patriots occurred in week three of the 2001 season, and history began to shape. The Colts, led by Peyton Manning, visited Gillette Stadium in hopes of securing a win against the Patriots because of the loss of Drew Bledsoe.

The Patriots went to defeat the Colts 44-13 and became the first team to fall to Brady.

The Patriots ended the regular season in 2001 with an 11-5 record, placing them in first place in the AFC East and giving them a spot in the playoffs.

Brady and the Patriots went to defeat the Oakland Raiders in overtime (16-13) for the divisional playoffs, the conference championships against the Pittsburgh Steelers (24-17), and the St. Louis Rams (20-17) to secure the first Super Bowl for Brady and the New England Patriots.

Super Bowls

After defeating the Rams in the 2002 Super Bowl (2001 Season), Brady and the Patriots did what no other team has done; they won five more.

You may be thinking, ‘the Steelers have six Super Bowl titles too,’ and you would be correct. The only difference being, their Super Bowl wins did not include the same quarterback.

Making it to the Super Bowl is hard but winning the Super Bowl is even harder. The Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl in 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017 and 2019. With their six Super Bowl titles, they also made an appearance in five more, the most Super Bowl appearances in history.

Record breaker

Brady is the one to beat. He holds more records than one can count. When arguing if Brady is the greatest of all time, looking back at his stats sheets and achievements should be the table turner.

He holds the record in regular season completions with 7,263 yards, total passing yards with 84,520 yards and touchdown passes at 624. Brady obtained 14 Pro-Bowl invitations throughout his career so far. He also is the owner of five Super Bowl MVP Awards and three NFL MVP awards.

He has competed against some of the most notable quarterbacks including, Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers, while none of them have truly competed with Brady.

After the Patriots

The University of Michigan Alum soon became one the most well-known players to ever play the game. The Patriots and Brady were unable to come to terms on a contract that would allow Brady to retire with the Patriots, which ultimately led the franchise to release Brady into free agency.

After leaving the Patriots, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quickly picked Brady up. With this team, Brady soon killed the rumors that he couldn’t win a Super Bowl without his former head coach Bill Belichick.

During his first season with the “Bucs,” their offense was number one in the conference, with best passing attack at 289.1 yards per game. Brady also racked up the third most passing yards in the league with 4,633 yards.

Brady took the Buccaneers to their second Super Bowl in franchise history in 2021. They competed against the Kansas City Chiefs where they did not allow a single touchdown for the Chiefs. The Chiefs obtained three field goals throughout the first three quarters.

With a scoreless fourth quarter, Brady secured his seventh Super Bowl title, his fifth Super Bowl MVP and the Buccaneer’s second Super Bowl win.

Whatever team Brady goes to, championships are expected. Brady made his name by his knowledge of the field, his composure with the ball and his ability to execute and make completions. Having a second half quarterback will never fail and if you are ever wanting to make money betting, you would be smart to bet for whatever team Brady’s behind.

There really is not an opposing side when arguing if Brady is the greatest of all time. Mind you, he has set all these records and is still going strong at 44 years old, one of the oldest quarterbacks in league history.

Brady is the best quarterback to play the game, his ability to execute makes him the most winning player in the National Football League. He will not retire until he is no longer able to win a Super Bowl; viewers may be able to watch Brady for the next few seasons because of his constant tenacity and will he has for this sport.

This story has been updated to correct the university Brady attended.