Brevin Ross, Photographer

NAME: Frodis J. Fr. Psychology
ANSWER: Probably Abraham Lincoln. I mean I kind of want to get a backstory of the whole murder thing and also I heard he was also a slave owner and I would like to talk to him about that.
NAME: Josh J. Sr. Mathematics
ANSWER: Leon Trotsky for sure. I would like to talk to him and be like hey Trotsky, what did it feel like to get an Ice pick in your head.
NAME: Elise N. Jr. Secondary Education
ANSWER: Probably like [Abe] Lincoln. Just because I thought about him today for some reason and the pressures he faced when going through his presidential term were pretty severe.
NAME: Maria V. So. Music Education
ANSWER: Probably Virginia Woolf. I really like all of her works, they are really interesting and she had a really interesting perspective. She was one of the first queer icons.
NAME: Mel M. Jr. Biomedical Science
ANSWER: I would like to have dinner with my grandma or something. My grandma was awesome, so I would have dinner with either of my grandmas because they are both gone.