Ethel: Holy carp, no way. Is it really? How the heck did we get here? Didn’t we start this journey just yesterday?

Edith: I honestly don’t know where the past few years went. I remember getting into my dorm, panicking because I didn’t know anybody and couldn’t even go meet people because everything was closed… I don’t have much prepared, but I know what you should do!

Ethel: Start with graduation announcements and invites. Since I’m a broke college student who also happens to be a single mom, I made mine on Canva and sent them digitally to my family and friends. 

Edith: Walmart is also an iconic, cheap option for printing out invitations for those relatives in our lives who can’t access their email without hands-on help. Another thing to think about is your outfit, hair and, if you get them done, nails. Will your hair be grown out by June? Do you have a nice outfit in mind? When are you getting your nails filled? I’d start scheduling these appointments now because everything will be too busy if you wait.

Ethel: I thought of everything but the nails, I’m so glad you brought that up. Currently running to my phone to book that appointment. If you have the means, I’d also recommend booking a nice little spa day. Might as well treat yourself, you know what I mean? The last thing I think you should think about is, of course, the party! Can’t celebrate without the party, right?

Edith: Exactly! I’ve already decided on a location, just that I am trying to debate on getting a food truck that I love to be there or not. But I have a general idea of who I’m inviting and what foods I want, as well as the financial cost of everything. Planning ahead and getting everything scheduled is the best thing you can do as of right now, because there is most likely somebody else already booking for the day and time you want.

Ethel: Oh for sure. It was so hard to find hotel rooms that were still available, and I was looking a month ago. So, Scared Sally, just celebrate! We’re almost done.