Star Wars Mini-Opinions

Star Diavolikis: I think Grogu is overrated and probably stinky. Granted he is cute, his cuteness has been milked dry and is now irritating to see everywhere on all merchandise. 

Morgana Carroll: Luke is fruity, look at that haircut. Also, his default stance in the new Lego Star Wars game is that gay little lean. Plus Mark Hamill himself agrees with me.  

Katherine Camarata: Chewbacca deserved a medal at the end of A New Hope. He got them to the princess, he flew the ship while they escaped and he did it all without pants.

Jared Galanti: Kylo Ren’s feelings toward Luke weren’t justified. Luke only did what he thought was necessary to stop the dark side of the force from rising once again. Yes he could have handled it differently but his feelings were in the right place.

Libby Williams: Luke is a whiny little man. I could absolutely take him, and I’m weak. One roundhouse kick and it’s over. What’s he going to do, cry? Kiss his sister? I bet he says he’s 6’ but is actually 5’7”.

Wayne Gray: Aside from Han Solo, the Star Wars movies are actually really boring, and the Star Wars universe as a whole didn’t become interesting until The Mandalorian and Solo.

Elliott Watkins: Kylo Ren is only hot because he is played by Adam Driver, but IRL Kylo Ren would just be a white supremacist with daddy issues. 

Isaac Hinson: The Last Jedi is far and away the second best Star Wars movie, second only to Empire Strikes Back. It’s the most thematically challenging film in the series and that scares fanboys. If Disney had let Rian Johnson cook for a whole trilogy it would have been the best thing to ever happen to the franchise. 

Emily LaFave: R2D2 may be a cool robot dude, but he beeps just as much as when the mobile orders come in at lunchtime at the SURC.

Mary Miller: I don’t get it – How would a woman as influential and intelligent as Amidala fall for a guy, a younger man at that, who just massacred a whole village. And … she knew it!

Jacqueline Hixssen: Anakin could have been the most powerful Jedi and was the chosen one but Yoda could feel the dark side in him and he did eventually turn evil. 

Evan Couch: No one cares about bounty hunter stories and boring characters that get whole spinoff series and films. People who like Star Wars want lightsabers, jedi and sith and lots of it.

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