Football hires new offensive coordinator

Mike Ferriter brings new ideas to CWU football

Courtesy of CWU Athletics

Courtesy of CWU Athletics

Jared Galanti, Sports Editor

Football found its next offensive coordinator Mike Ferriter after a long search, that included their original hire leaving after only a couple weeks. 

Ferriter said because he was a football fan since the age of two, his father always believed he would become a coach someday.

“I’ve loved football my entire life,” Ferriter said. 

As a graduate from the University of Montana with a human biology degree, Ferriter said he didn’t think he would go into coaching. However, an illness changed his plans.

“I was going to go someplace into the medical field,” Ferriter said. “But I got some hiccups that happened in my life right as I got out of college. I got sick and then was given an opportunity to become a graduate assistant for a head coach that I played for at University of Nevada Las Vegas [UNLV]. I decided life is too short and I was going to take a chance and that I was going to go to Vegas and try out coaching.”

Ferriter said he decided to take the job at UNLV and see what it felt like to coach. Once he did that everything else fell into place.

Ferriter said familiarity with CWU and the northwest in general is what drew him to the job.

“My senior year in college I played against CWU, so I am very familiar with them,” Ferriter said. “Over the past few months I’ve had contact with [head] coach [Chris] Fisk just doing my research on the program and Ellensburg and I really felt like it was a place that fit what I was looking for.”

Ferriter said he has spoken with freshman quarterback Quincy Glasper and is excited to help him continue to progress going into his sophomore year.

“He’s done some great things, and with me just getting here and learning the system, it’s been some back and forth,” Ferriter said. “But I think it’s just me continuing to teach him the game, to help him understand what we want to do offensively and overall the big picture of him understanding football and being a student of the game.”

Ferriter said his offensive system, while similar to ones run in years past, does have a few differences.

“You will see some similarities to what you’ve seen in the past but also some things that weren’t being done before,” Ferriter said. “You’re gonna have a combination of things that I am bringing in. So you are gonna see a new look CWU offense to a degree.”

Ferriter said fans should be excited for next football season.

“[The] great group of young men that we have here, that were not satisfied with just making the playoffs, I think they’re hungry for more,” Ferriter said. “These guys are hungry and excited to show who they really are and what we are all about.”