Edith: I’m in the exact same boat as well. My entity is raging, angry and moody. I want to get my work done and go, and have no time for questions that make no sense. This could be simple burnout or just a general decline in mental health.

Ethel: I also suffer from worn out people skills. Just take the anger and stuff it deep, deep down and stay emotionless. I’ve found that works well for me. 

Edith: I mean yes, but also no. I find it better to actually discuss these things, as it can be beneficial to you and your health. Keeping stress in can make your body essentially shut down, not to mention I personally get acne when keeping stress in.

Ethel: In all seriousness, I’ve been finding it’s more difficult to communicate with people now than it was pre-pandemic. We’re seeing so much of that in children and teens, but we don’t really talk about how the isolation of the last two years has really affected adults. 

Edith: Exactly! I have a bad habit to over-analyse everybody’s actions, whether it be sighing as I talk to them, or even looking away. I immediately fear the worst because body language provides so much information, I take it too seriously.

Ethel: I mean, I wasn’t really all that social before either. I’ve suffered from social anxiety for a majority of my life. I used to be really good at making friends, but that was more of a survival instinct from moving so much when I was a kid. 

Edith: I totally get that. The bottom line for me, at least, is to just take a minute to relax and do your best to be tolerable of the situations at hand. Granted things may suck, but just know these feelings are temporary. You’ll survive and be okay!

Ethel: Agreed. And give yourself some grace. Take little baby steps to becoming more social, Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.