Editorial: University responds to removing copies of The Observer

Star Diavolikis, Editor in Chief

We received a lot of responses to our editorial last week titled “Censorship is alive and well: Business administration discarded The Observer.” This editorial discussed a situation involving the College of Business Dean Jeff Stinson and Associate Dean Keke “Coco” Wu throwing away our newspaper over a story we published in Issue One called “2023 budget projections reflect impending cuts.”

We saw all the comments and how far the story went on social media, and it is greatly appreciated. I would like to let readers know that we are not dropping this story, and will be following it. On Tuesday, April 19, Vice President of Public Affairs Kremiere Jackson provided a university statement.

“Central Washington University supports student journalism in all its forms. The institution’s goal is, and always has been, to be helpful and transparent with the Observer, PULSE, and Central NewsWatch. The CWU administration does not censor the work of student journalists, and it has always been supportive of their constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and freedom of the press,” the statement read.

The statement continued: “We acknowledge that the incident at Shaw-Smyser Hall earlier this month could have been handled differently. CWU recognizes the value of student media and the important role ethical journalism plays on campus and in society. We encourage student media to adhere to best professional practices when requesting information and interviews with CWU administration, and we will accommodate those inquiries in a timely manner.”

If you would like to comment on this situation or send a Letter to the Editor regarding the matter, please reach out to [email protected]. Public voices are always appreciated, especially as a paper that strives to improve itself and support its audience.