Ethel: Peer pressure is always a tough subject to broach with friends. The best thing to do is to just mention the next time they bring it up that you are continually saying no, and that answer probably won’t change, but they will be the first people to know if you change your mind.

Weedith: I cannot stand the smell of weed, it makes me feel icky, so it is an issue for me when my friends are getting high around me. Granted they are having a good time, I don’t want to deal with a headache while they’re vibing. Edibles, I mean… Go for it. Just don’t pressure me because they taste good and you know I love a good corner piece brownie.

Ethel: Also, can we just talk about what a red flag it is when people peer pressure friends? I feel like “no means no” no matter what, and people who push and push when met with boundaries shouldn’t hold space in your personal circle.  

Weedith: Exactly. Boundaries and consent go beyond just in the context of sexual relationships. If I say no, don’t try to shove these in my face or even blow smoke in my face, it still means no. I went to a party on New Years Eve where somebody knew I don’t smoke for personal reasons, and they straight up blew smoke in my face after taking a rip from the bong. Yuck.

Ethel: Gross. It’s never fun to be forced into anything, and ew, germs. Definitely tell people to keep that stuff to themselves. Anyways, if they still can’t take the hint, it’s time to be more firm. 

Weedith: Oh for sure. I have no problem telling somebody to keep their fun time away from me. I’m such a grouch. Your boundaries and your level of comfortability mean more than the fun environment. Be upfront and honest! They may not take the hint!

Ethel: And if they can’t honor your boundaries, time to distance yourself. As said before, people who disregard boundaries should disregard themselves. Subtract them from your circle, you’ll probably find less stress!