Local Ellensburg botany shop wins best new business


Megan Rogers

Photo from inside The Botany Shop

Megan Rogers, Staff Reporter

The Botany Shop, a local plant and botanical goods store, won Kittitas County’s Best New Business award. 

After opening her doors for business on May 28, 2021, owner April Rohrbach shared her excitement on winning this award. 

“It really shows how many people love the shop and it really does mean that much to them,” Rohrbach said. “That they would actually vote [The Botany Shop] the Best New Business and really makes me feel proud of what I’ve been able to bring to the community.”

Rohrbach said it felt unreal because it was something she wanted to do for a long time. According to Rohrbach, She has wanted to open a business for about four years, but at first the idea seemed a bit too crazy. However, Rohrbach said in the last two years she really started to put her idea into motion. 

“I’ve had a lot of my family and friends 100% behind my back and always willing to help, and always showing up and putting in their time and everything, so I wouldn’t be here without them,” Rohrbach said.  “I definitely wouldn’t have gotten the award without their help.”

Rohrbach is originally from Zillah, Washington but has lived here in Ellensburg for eight years now. 

“I’ve always really loved plants and loved taking care of them,” Rohrbach said. “[The] thought combining those two and being able to work for myself and be surrounded by plants all the time is like a dream.”

Rohrbach said she would encourage anyone to accomplish their dreams of opening a shop. 

“I would say, just go for it,” Rohrbach said. “It’s super scary, but if you are super passionate and it really is your dream, then I would say definitely go for it. It is really scary, but I think it would be worse to not try than to do it and fail.”