Brevin Ross, Photographer

Name: Emma F. Fr. Biology
Answer: I really don’t like rap too much. I like more of Rock and Roll or like 90’s Hip-Hop.
Name: Joshua B. So. Anthropology
Answer: I’ll have to say Pop because I’m not really interested in it. I’m more into other genres like Hip-Hop and EDM.
Name: Maddie C. Fr. Special Education
Answer: I’m going to have to go with Country. I just wasn’t surrounded by it growing up so it doesn’t really hold a lot of meaning to me compared to others.
Name: Mona K. Jr. Studio Art
Answer: I don’t know if I don’t like it but it is definitely my least favorite. Country, I think I just didn’t really grow up listening to it.
Name: Vanessa C. So. Law and Justice
Answer: I’m pretty much open to anything but I guess the least that I listen to is Country. I’m used to hearing Banda music. Country is kind of similar to that but in Spanish, but It’s like I enjoy it more.