Edith: I’m already a little concerned here. This seems like a regular situation of looking too far into somebody doing their job. Are you sure they aren’t just doing their job by being nice so somebody doesn’t Karen out on them?

Ethel: I mean, I’m a believer in “shoot your shot,” even though I’m too socially anxious to follow my own advice. Just go ask if they want to grab a coffee, or ask for a number. I don’t know, do people do that anymore? I haven’t dated in ages.

Edith: Oh me too. The only concern I have is that some people mistake the Customer Service Voice and personality some people have for genuine interest. If there are signs that prove it goes beyond this, then go for it!

Ethel: The worst that can happen is you are rejected. Sometimes that’s for the best though. The only way to get past this crush is by going for it. Or, you could be like me and just swallow up your emotions until they never go away. 

Edith: Very true. I mean, I took the risk and reached out to my current partner even though we had just been friends for a year. The risk of them not wanting a relationship was literally 50/50, except if they weren’t down for it, then I would take a 100% loss since it would’ve made the friendship awkward.

Ethel: Yes, Edith, we know you have a partner. Don’t mind me while I go to a corner and cry in single.

Edith: Yes, I know, I discuss my partner a lot. But the thing is, I struggle taking the first move, so this was a big step. So, Cupid’s Fool, do what you feel is best. If you see somebody is going above and beyond to be nice, and it truly appears to be a connection, go for it. Just, you know, be nice.

Edith: And be prepared for the awkwardness. Either way, there will be awkwardness. It will either be new datingship awkwardness or rejection awkwardness. Cupid’s Fool, just go for it!