You Should Learn a Second Language

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Milenne Quinonez , Columnist

Everyone should learn an extra language. Learning a language cannot only open doors for your future career, but it can also open a world of different music, entertainment and communities. 

According to Middlebury Language School blog, learning a second language improves your memory, and it can help increase your understanding of the language you already speak. 

There are a lot of easy free websites and apps that can help you: Duolingo, Memrise, Anki, Clozemaster and LingQ. These websites are free to access and can also be downloaded on your smartphones. 

There are also fun ways to learn. For me personally, I like watching shows that are in their original languages and just reading English subtitles. It seems impossible, but even just picking up a few phrases will encourage you to learn the language. 

Surprisingly watching kid shows can help you learn a lot as well. A show on Netflix I watch is called “Tayou the Little Bus,” which is originally in Korean and teaches a lot of things like how to say thank you and you’re welcome and teaches colors and numbers. It is for kids, but if you are a beginner in the language, you can really pick up a lot. 

According to ‘Medium’ an article about learning languages by watching TV said, “If you start watching movies with the simplest vocabulary, your chances to understand dialogues will increase and you’ll learn words used in everyday conversation.”

Although this may seem like a weird thing to do, I think it can be beneficial. As well as listening to music in different languages, it might seem weird to enjoy a song you know nothing about but if you like the song just enjoy it. 

But I think learning words from a song can stick in your brain like learning the alphabet and it will eventually stick. 

People should learn an extra language and if you already know two, a third would be great too! But there are so many resources out there to continue learning and I think everyone should, because let us face it only knowing English does not cut it anymore.