Brevin Ross, Photographer

NAME: Alyssa P. So., Elementary Education
ANSWER: I can only think of Harry Potter. I guess Hermione because I would like to be a wizard. I mean magic is so much cooler than the world we live in.
NAME: Kyle H. Jr., Accounting
ANSWER: This is an average answer but Tony Stark. A lot of money, cool houses, and awesome suits.
NAME: Jamie M. Sr., Anthropology
ANSWER: Indiana Jones because I’m going to go into Archeology which is a sub field of Athropology.
NAME: Max P. So., Geography
ANSWER: John McClane from Die Hard. He’s a realistic badass, he gets hurt throughout the movie, he kills a lot of guys but he is not great at it.
NAME: Cooper F. Fr., EMS Program
ANSWER: Po from Kung Fu Panda. For a while, I was unsure of what I wanted to do and then I was thrown into the position of what I’m going into (EMS). I want to help people, it was kind of tossed upon me and now I’m just trying to fill the shoes.