Edith: This is very relatable. As somebody who spent all of break sleeping and eating in bed, I get that. It’s so difficult waking up for 9 a.m. classes, since I wouldn’t be waking up until the afternoon – I’m privileged in the idea that I had no timely responsibilities over break.

Ethel: I lived my best life during spring break and I just wanted more time to continue doing that. Going to school is the hardest job I’ve ever had in my entire life, and I used to be an overworked professional! So it’s been hard to transition back into school mode honestly. 

Edith: Being at your classes on time is a great start, since it’ll have your internal clock slowly resetting to the “responsible time” you should be on. If I chose to skip class, I know I wouldn’t get myself out of bed to do work or attend work. Having strict schedules and events you can’t skip will make me feel more responsible since I don’t want to awkwardly explain why I was gone from class.

Ethel: Making sure to set up my work or desk space or my backpack when I have classes on campus helps me get in the mindset of “okay, this is what you need to do for tomorrow,” and allows me to just get up and get to work.

Edith: I definitely think having stuff organized is the way to get things rolling as well. I have updated my planner, color-coded my planner and even have individual notebooks for each class rather than throwing the notes on random pages in Google Docs. I feel so proud of myself.

Ethel: I love everything about that, and I’m 1000% here for that organization energy. Speaking of energy, make sure you are getting good sleep because consistent energy levels will help with focus and motivation, which Don’t Want To, would be what you’re aiming for. We hope this helps!