Letter from the Editor

Star Diavolikis, Editor-in-Chief

Hello! My name is Star Diavolikis, and I am the new Editor-in-Chief for The Observer for spring quarter. I have been on staff for five quarters, with this being my sixth. I am proud of the work we have created. The Observer has come a long way, and it is amazing to witness the evolution of student media. We have created connections with our sister publications, PULSE Magazine and Central News Watch, as well as creating connections with different people in the community. I have taken part in major stories such as reporting on a Dining Supervisor involved with serious allegations, and wrote impactful opinion pieces revolving around culture and identity.

My mission is to provide content that is interesting and includes all walks of life by delving into cultural and identity-based stories in our new section, “The Diversity Page.” As a young Indigenous and Greek woman, I believe representation matters. I hope our work will reflect that – that we become a newspaper everybody would like to pick up and read as it focuses on topics and concerns of every group of the population. Creating content for everybody to either connect to or observe can seem like a big quest, but I am ready to take the reins and get this started.

Thank you for reading The Observer, and I hope you enjoy our hard work!