Will Smith should not be the only one punished for the Oscars Controversy


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Katlyn White, Columnist

Will Smith has become the latest meme during the Oscars on March 27. After a poorly made “G.I. Jane” joke by Chris Rock, a comedian and actor, made about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith walked onto the stage and slaps Rock. This was the slap heard around the world as memes and commentary videos erupted over the internet. 

Will Smith may have resorted to violence and is justly receiving punishment, but Chris Rock has not faced repercussions after this event. 

After the slap, Will Smith continues to yell at Chris Rock stating, “Keep my wife’s name out your fucking mouth.” Will then won an Academy Award for best actor soon after. 

Since then there has been speculation about whether or not his award shall be rescinded, an act that has only happened once in the Academy’s history according to People Magazine. Will Smith has resigned from the Academy, which does not affect his ability to win awards but does prevent him from events and voting according to the New York Times

Violence is never the answer, and Will Smith should not have hit Rock on national television, let’s just get that out of the way. There is no condoning of his actions in this article.

However, Rock made a horrible joke about Jada Smith’s shaved head which was linked to her Alopecia. There are so many things wrong with this joke. Rock made a joke about a Black woman and a hair loss disorder. Black women have been the brunt of jokes since the beginning of time. It is a disgusting trend that needs to stop. As the target of jokes, Black women continue to be stepped on by America. No one has seemed concerned with Jada Smith’s feelings surrounding the incident. The news has mainly circulated around Will Smith’s punishment. 

Rock should not have made that joke. There have been no repercussions on Rock’s side of things. Seeing all the punishment fall to Will Smith and not Rock is a highlight of how society turns a blind eye to things viewed as a joke, and news fully focuses on violence. 

This was not the only ill joke on the Academy stage that night. Amy Schumer commented on how Jake and Maggie Gyllenhal, who are siblings, were in attendance calling it “a night for lovers.” 

There are so many controversial jokes that were made that have been overshadowed by this Will Smith drama. It goes to show that the controversy of the Oscars, the racism and sexism of years past, have not been solved.

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