Reading is fun

Katlyn White, Columnist

Reading is the most underrated pleasure of life. You can gain so much from reading books in your free time. You can travel, fight, cry and learn to love all from the comfort of your bedroom. 

Pro: You might be using your time better.

Reading can transport you to a new world. When you are having a bad day, picking up a book is so much healthier than pulling your hair out in a corner of your dark bedroom. 

Con: You may waste a lot of time.

Once I start reading, sometimes I cannot stop. I will sit there for hours engaged in fights and romance. 

Pro: You may become a lot smarter.

Reading as a kid has been proven to increase the activation of certain brain regions, according to Comfy Living. Also, Reading at least 20 minutes a day exposes you to 2 million words versus the 282,000 words reading only five minutes a day will bring. 

Con: You probably won’t go to bed early.

I lose out on so much sleep because I read right before bed. I am way too intrigued to just close the book when I finish a cliffhanger chapter. The temptation of “just one more chapter” is too much. 

Pro: You may gain pretty objects for your house.

Books come in all shapes and sizes. Some are super decorative and make you look smart while also being great decorations for your house. 

Con: You may lose a lot of money. 

I do not buy books often, maybe once or twice a month, but when I do, I drop at least $100, easy. My bank account will be looking great, and then three of my favorite authors sign books for Barnes and Noble or release new books, and I am suddenly broke again. 

Pro: You may have something to talk about.

I can always break the silence of awkward interactions by talking about a book I recently read or am in the middle of reading. 

Con: You may bore people when talking about books. 

The person you had in class two quarters ago probably does not care about the book you just started the night prior, but the urge to talk about an exciting new read is too strong to subdue. 

Reading is a wonderful thing as long as the pros and cons are weighed.